About The Sunshine Airedalers of Florida

Who we are?

Sunshine Airedales of Florida (SAF), founded in 1991, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit committed to the rescue and rehoming of Airedale Terriers throughout Florida. SAF is an all-volunteer organization with a network of volunteers who provide assistance to any Airedale Terrier in need of a new home. We are affiliated with ATCA (Airedale Terrier Club of America) Rescue & Adoption Committee and follow the rescue policies and procedures established by them.


Club Activities

The Sunshine Airedalers is a statewide club, with membership open to anyone who knows and loves the Airedale breed. We have 6 to 7 club meetings annually, many of which allow us to bring our Airedales with us. Meeting highlights of the year include the Halloween Party in late October, where the Airedales come in costume; the Christmas Party which is held in early December and is the venue for our very popular annual auction of Airedale items and memorabilia, a major fundraiser for our rescue work. Each spring one of our meetings is devoted to a working seminar so owners can learn how to clipper groom their own Airedale(s).m.

What we do

We find new homes for Airedales who have lost their previous home. When a rescue Airedale comes into our rescue program, that dog is checked out medically by a veterinarian, and if needed, brought up-to-date on shots; treated for possible medical problems; and if not already done, spayed or neutered before being available for adoption. We support programs on the necessity of spaying/neutering to stop pet over population in America and to prevent the exploitation of animals.

Experienced Airedale foster care volunteers make temperament evaluations and gather information about the dog, which help us to begin the process of matching the Airedale rescue with an appropriate waiting adoptive family.

Where our rescue Airedales come from

Adult Airedales of all ages come into our rescue program through a wide variety of sources. Puppies come into the program occasionally, but most are adults. Some are owner-released. This happens when a couple divorces; the owner develops a health problem which prohibits proper care of the dog; or the owner moves to a pet-restricted new home. Others retire and want to travel extensively and the dog no longer fits their new lifestyle. Some folks purchased a cute puppy and later realized they didn't want to take the time to do the obedience training, or that they had not done their breed research and an Airedale was not the couch potato they had expected. Some rescues come from shelters – they could have been lost and the original owners were not found. The list of reasons goes on and on!

Club Newsletter

The Airedale Chronicles newsletter is published Quarterly - March, June, September and December and is available to all club members. This newsletter includes announcements of club meetings, club news, rescue stories, health and training information, and other Airedale related articles.