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Sunshine Airedalers of Florida

Is an Airedale for me?

Quite often we have people ask, “What kind of dog is that?” When told it is an Airedale terrier, they comment on how cute he is. While it is true that they are cute and shed little, there is so much more to the breed and they are not for the novice dog owner.

Airedales are active, rowdy curious puppies. They need positive consistent training. Airedales are very intelligent and are versatile, they learn how to do many things quickly. They are independent thinkers and have that terrier stubborn streak.

Airedales are a hardworking, strong and powerful breed. And as with most terriers they also love to dig and have a high prey drive. They are active dogs that need to have their energy channeled into positive activities.

They will make you laugh with their comical playful ways. They are family-friendly loyal dogs, but their energy may be too much for the small or frail. Care needs to be taken when bringing an Airedale into a home with other small pets.

They are medium to large in size. Their coat requires regular brushing and grooming. Airedales are often included in lists of hypo-allergenic dogs because they don't shed as much as many dogs, but they do shed. Hypo means less and not none, as all breeds of dogs still produce a certain amount of allergens and dander. And not all Airedales have the same type of coat, so best to test out a dog before adopting or making a purchase to see if your allergies are affected.

Airedales require their owners to be “on their toes” and remain one step ahead of them. They need a strong pack leader to train and guide them into the well-trained, socialized athletic companion they can be.

Annual In-Person Board of Directors' Meeting

When: Saturday, May 18, 2024 from 9am-3pm.

Where: Lakeside Inn in Mount Dora, Florida

Some of the items the board will discuss are: current dogs in foster, current financial status, Board membership, immediate needs of the rescue, as well as looking to the future.

If you are interested in attending the meeting, please contact a Board member.

If you would like to be considered for a future board position, please let president Tom Baker know.



Our Aireboy Teddy came to us as a two year old “wild child”. He was fostered by Linda and Tommy O’Connell who felt that Teddy would benefit from a household where there were consistent and strong pack leaders. Teddy also needed an environment where he was allowed to re-live being a puppy…. a phase that he missed out on in his previous home. Well, they were right. Teddy has been accepted by the O’Connell pack of three dogs as the irritating younger brother. Linda and Tommy have come to love Teddy and decided that he would join their family permanently. Aside from his penchant for toilet paper and his dislike of fireworks, Teddy has found his forever home.


2024 Airedale Rescue Calendars

You can order our 2024 Sunshine Airedalers Calendar now! They will ship out immediately.

Price per calendar is $20 including postage.

Please purchase via our PayPal page or

sending a check, made payable to Sunshine Airedalers of FL, indicating the number of calendars you wish to order to:

Linda O'Connell
1178 NW 133rd Way
Newberry, Fl 32669

The mission of Sunshine Airedalers of Florida is to rescue, provide needed medical care, and find new, approved forever homes for those Airedale Terriers who are in need of help.


    We care committed to the successful placement of rescue dogs. We take pains to ensure that each dog admitted to our program finds a wonderful, permanent home. Please visit our Adoption page to learn more.

  • HELP

    We’re here to help! Please visit our Help page to find resources and information regarding Airedales and their care, including what to do if you’ve found a stray or need to rehome your Airedale.